Since the early nineties Bio Nova presents itself as a producer of supreme quality fertilizers for all kinds of growing and flowering plants. Years of research, field-experience and the deep insights gained in that process resulted in the development of a unique line of high-end products. Quality, purity, environmental friendliness, ease of use, high yields and superior results are the distinguishing characteristics of these products.
Bio Nova believes we all benefit from and are all responsible for a clean environment. You can see this reflected in their products, production and every business decision they make. They make clean, eco-friendly, ballast-free premium fertilizers. And they do more than that:

The total production runs on wind energy
Their facilities are heated with bio-gas
Waste materials like paper, wood, metal and plastics are separated for recycling or proper disposal
All waste products are disposed of in a certified CO2 neutral way
CO2 compensation is used when travelling by air plane
All packaging can be 100% recycled
They buy ingredients on the European market when possible to diminish transport costs, but also to guarantee the highest possible quality
Bio Nova’s fertilizers are ballast free and made of food grade quality ingredients.

The foundation for the Bio Nova product range consists of five main streams. Each stream reflects a specific field of application based on the growing media used. The five streams are: Nutri Nova, Coco Nova, Hydro Supermix, Soil Supermix, and NFT-Aqua Supermix.
In addition to these five main stream basic fertilizers, there are 4 more products available for more advanced growers. For the specialists even more options are available.