Flo Gro Dripper System
The Flo-Gro from Nutriculture is a timed drip ring hydroponic system specifically designed for mother plants and growers of specimen plants. The planter and reservoir depth shape and size, and the drip-ring are all designed around a single plant.The clay pebbles offer great porosity and air content, so when the nutrient solution drains through them it pulls re-oxygenated air to the roots at every feed ensuring long term health.The Flo-Gro hydroponic system offers the ideal environment for sustaining the long term health of a single or mother plant.At each feed the Flo-Gro’s drip ring pulls fresh oxygenated air into the root zone and plants thrive on this refreshed oxygen following the feed, this results in bigger healthier yields.Growers set the feed frequency and duration and at the scheduled times nutrient solution is pumped to the roots and what the roots don’t take up drains back to the reservoir to be recirculated.