Coco Fibre
Coco fibre is an organic soil-less growing media derived from the binding material that comes from the fibre of the Coconut husk. It is a completely homogeneous material composed of millions of capillary micro- sponges.
Coco or coir is the outside layer of coconut husks (or mesocarp) which consists mainly of coarse fibres but also finer material known as ‘coir dust’.
High quality horticultural coco is now recognised as a superior growth media for soil-less crops.
Coco can be used in Hydroponics, pots and containers, beds and most other growing techniques.
The ideal pH range for coco, for most crops is between 5.5 – 6.2.
Ideal EC levels vary depending on the stage of plant development, the growing environment and the crop being grown, however a general range is between EC 1.0 and 2.5 (tomatoes may be grown at much higher EC values, particularly with commercial crops).
It is recommended that you use a coco specific nutrient.