Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients Ltd. was founded in Canada in 1996 by owners Michael Straumeitis, Robert Higgins and Eugene Yordanov.and has grown to become the market leader in strain specific nutrients.
Advanced Nutrients, employing a team of 5 Ph.D. researchers, has developed a line of more than 50 products specifically for growing dichotomous short-day plants,  incorporating the latest advances in full-spectrum macro-and-micro-nutrients, amino acids, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, yeast and yeast extracts, microbes, and beneficial bacteria and fungi. Advanced Nutrients also offers natural products to combat insects, molds, fungi, bacteria, and other factors that contribute to crop failure. The product line is currently available in over 1000 retail outlets with distributors in North America, Australia, and Europe and Asia.
Advanced Nutrients Europe was founded in 2003 by Curt Thurston to import and distribute the Advanced Nutrients line and other innovative products throughout Europe.