Organic Nutrients and feeds
In relation to plant nutrition, there is no difference in nutritional quality between organic and inorganic fertilizers nutrients. The plant root system can only absorb nutrients that have been broken down into inorganic, water-soluble forms and will absorb those microscopic nutrients regardless of its source.
There is however a vast difference between how the plant receives these nutrients and their effect on the soil they grow in. Plant health is dependent greatly on the health of the soil. Chemical fertilizers disregard this fact and use the soil only as a means to supply the growing plant with the nutrients needed for that crop. Little or no soil microorganism activity is needed to achieve this.
On the other hand the organic plant nutrients in natural fertilizers require the soil microorganisms to break down the organic plant nutrients before they are usable by the plants. This action is slower than with chemical fertilizing but the resulting active bacteria life it creates in the soil has far reaching implications.

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