Taking care of your pH Meter is essential. The more you calibrate your meter, the more accurate your tests will be.
To calibrate your PH meter you will need to use a solution of a fixed and known PH.
The probe on your meter is very sensitive, it needs to be stored correctly, after every use you should put the cap back on. This is extremely important for pH Meters because the glass sensors should never be allowed to dry out. Ideally all meters should be stored in pH Probe Storage Solution. If you do not have this available use some pH buffering solution.
pH Buffer 7 solution will calibrate your pH meter to neutral and then you can use PH Buffer 4 to give a two point calibration to an acidic level for more accuracy.
We have a few pH buffers and storage solutions available for you to choose from.
We suggest you pour a small amount of the buffer solution into another small container and buffer your meter, rather than sticking the meter into the solution bottle and contaminating it !!