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AromoZone Ozone Generator

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Kills smells, mould, bacteria, smoke as well as other pathogens.

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AromoZone Ozone Generator

The use of Ozone sterilization devices to remove mould, bacteria and odour has been in use for a number of years.

However, the devices are bad at working in horticultural jobs due to an inability to cope with the typical humidity levels.

Developed to solve these problems and is able to work in humid levels up to 100%.

“fit and forget” device of unrivalled quality at good prices.

Only operated when the fan is on.

Needs at least 12 meters of ducting before expelling air, to allow ozone to breakdown.

Coil the ducting or a straight 10m is enough to bind the ozone.

Kills odours, mould, bacteria, smoke as well as other pathogens.

Need ducting?

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