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Bio Nova Spraymix 250ml

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A foliar spray with calcium chelate, Equisetum extract for Silicium, fresh and salt water algae for rare trace elements and natural hormones

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Bio Nova Spraymix 250ml

Spraymix from Bio Nova is a pure biological and non-toxic care product and consists of a special combination of sea-algae and organic extracts.

Spraymix consists of auxine, sea-algae, chelated calcium, vitamins, amino acids, 80 trace elements, natural fatty-acids and a great number of natural growing and flowering hormones.The special combination of these components makes for a better metabolism, a better budding of eyes and shoots and a higher chlorophyll production, (this is of great importance for cultivating with artificial lightning).

This is an especially important product for mother plants and cuttings.

In case of mother plants, Spraymix makes for more shoots and consequently more cuttings.
In case of cuttings, spraying with this product makes for vitality and long-lasting green cuttings.


Mother plants: spray once a  week with a solution of 15 ml. per litre.
Cuttings: after the first root has grown through the starting plug, spray once with a solution of 10 ml. per litre.

In both cases you should spray  the lower leaf surface because the majority of the stomata is there, which leaves are able to absorb liquids through.

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