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CO2 Monitor and Controller

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You can easily set a desired CO2 range specifying a PPM limit either side of a desired target level

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CO₂ Monitor and Controller

Has a range of features allowing easy monitoring and control of the CO₂ climate in your grow room. You can easily set a desired CO₂ range specifying a PPM limit either side of a desired target level. A unique 2 in 1 system, the 24 hour CO₂ data log allows you to spot trends over 24 hours.

Leading to greater insight and a higher amount of control over your grow. Another key feature is the day/night sensor ensuring the controller will not emit CO₂ during the night. When your plant cannot make use of it making your CO₂ go further.

Key Features:

2 in 1 monitor and controller

Highly Cost effective

Easy to use, plug and play system

Effortlessly add to existing grow rooms without changing existing equipment

Large LCD display screen

24-hour log of CO₂ levels

4.5 M cable to CO₂ sensor

Wall mountable


Monitor CO₂ levels live with the LCD display of the CO₂ PPM

Increase CO₂ levels (in plant mode) by controlling a CO₂ source.

Decrease CO₂ levels (in human mode) by activating your extraction.

Keep CO₂ levels within your pre set range.

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