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Irish made 

  • Premium quality fertilized potting Mix with perlite, kelp, and Chitin
  • Ideal for rooted cuttings, transplanting and flowering plants
  • Fortified with north Atlantic kelp and chitin rich organic shellfish compost to promote vigorous growth, health, and vitality.

21 in stock

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CRE ALL MIX 50L is a high-quality substrate fortified with North Atlantic Kelp and Organic Shellfish Compost. This provides the perfect medium for a dynamic rootzone and fast-growing healthy plant.

A blend of Irish white peat and perlite creates an open, airy structure. Its ideal for vigorous root growth, healthy foliage, and abundant flowers.

A premium quality mineral fertilizer provides an instantly available source of NPK. In addition to, an organic counterpart provides slow release nutrition by feeding the micro herd.

Cre All Mix is fortified with hand-harvested Kelp. A kelp species which provides countless benefits.  Including as a soil conditioner and plant growth enhancer.

Organic Marine Compost contains beneficial bacteria, fungi and a high concentration of Chitin which increases a plants resistance to stress and disease while improving microbial diversity and health at the root zone.



How does it work? :

Cre’s products are carefully blended with the added efficacy of North Atlantic kelp. This added kelp acts as a natural growth stimulant, a superb soil conditioner and provides increased resistance to climatic stress, pests, disease, boosts fruit and flowering, creating a robust growing environment

What makes This products so effective? : 

High-quality ingredients, blended with brown seaweed, (kelp). Also, there is no doubt that this is one of the most effective growth accelerators.

But aren’t all fertilisers the same? :

Not necessarily. You want to give your crops the best nourishment available. Many people rely on the essentials: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK). However, adding vital micronutrients to enrich the soil, gives your plants the very best start in life.

Cre also have a Light Mix

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