Guard ‘n’ Aid OxyPlus 12%

Guard ‘n’ Aid OxyPlus 12%


Guard ‘n’ Aid OxyPlus increases the oxygen content in your hydroponic tank. Also used to clean out systems between crops

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Guard ‘n’ Aid OxyPlus 12%

Guard ‘n’ Aid OxyPlus oxygen can be Added to any non-organic nutrient solution to increase the oxygen content, this can lead to greater photosynthesis and give you healthier plants. Also used to clean out systems between crops. Do not use with beneficial bacteria though as it will kill them!!

Here are some general uses for OxyPlus:

  • OxyPlus drives out chlorine and degrades pesticides/herbicides and organic matter that might be present in your water supply
  • Achieve rapid root growth in cuttings when treating your growing media
  • Add to your hydroponic systems to raise oxygen levels
  • OxyPlus kills harmful bacteria and pathogens very effectively. Ideal for post harvest clean ups. It will also promote rapid decomposition of organic material within the medium, tanks, pipes, drippers etc

Keep Guard ‘n’ Aid OxyPlus in a fridge or cool environment.

Instructions :

To increase oxygen content in hydroponic systems : Add 7.5ml per 10 litres of nutrient solution. Repeat 2 or 3 times per week as required.

For sanitising systems : Add 75ml per 10 litres of water. Use this solution to circulate through the system or through growing medium ( eg. clay, perlite ) to sterilise. remember  to flush system and medium with clean fresh water before use.