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Hailea Auto Constant Temperature Heater

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The Hailea Auto Constant Temperature Heater can be completely submerged and is also suitable for both fresh and salt water. Most commonly used in aquariums and water storage tanks.

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Hailea Auto Constant Temperature Heater

The Hailea Auto Constant Temperature Heater is ideal for heating water in aquariums & nutrient solutions in hydroponic tanks. With an easy to view thermometer style temperature indicator it's never been easier to keep an eye on the temperature of your water.

Features : 
  • Safety guarantee : Special explosion proof function. The tube will not blast due to sudden cooling or heating of heating rod.
  • Remarkable waterproof design : The product adopts double sealing design, which prevents water and electrical leakage with high safety performance.
  • Highly efficient heating performance : The supporting bracket of the heating part is made of high-temperature glass block, which is aesthetic and durable. It adopts high quality heating wire, which has long service life and fast heat transmission, protects the environment and saves energy.

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Additional Info
Instructions For Use :
  • Install the accessories of heating rod, rotate the knob and make the arrow point to the required temperature.
  • Fix the heating rod near the filter or on the water outlet of water pump.
  • Switch on the power.
Important Notice :
  • The fixed suction cup fork shall not be installed in the heating position of heating rod.
  • Please use protective sleeve of heating rod when raising fierce ornamental fish.
  • it can be fully soaked into water in a vertical or horizontal position or with the angle of 45 degrees. It is recommended to place it vertically, and the water level shall not be lower than the specified water level.
  • Do not use force to impinge against the glass tube.
  • The heating rod shall not be started if there is no water. if it is required to move its position or change the water, the power shall be firstly switched off. You can move the heating rod, change the water or take it out of the water after the heating rod is cooled.

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