Lumatek 1000 Watt / 400 Volt Standard Ballast

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Lumatek 1000 Watt / 400 Volt Standard Ballast

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The Lumatek Pro 1000W is a dimmable electronic ballast that plugs into the standard 240V current and permits operation of lamps 1000W 400V Double-Ended(K12x30S) HPS .

2 in stock


  • Ballast electronics   Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V

    The Lumatek Pro 1000W is a dimmable electronic ballast that plugs into the standard 240V current and permits operation of lamps 1000W 400V Double-Ended(K12x30S) HPS .

    It is equipped with its live cables to the Double Ended reflector as the reflector Lumatek 1000 mirror or hammered . (Sold separately reflectors)

    It adapts easily to an existing room, just replace the ballast / reflector / lamp with the kit complete Lumatek Pro 1000 and you will instantly the best lighting.
    The Lumatek Pro 1000 was designed specifically for culture lovers to access the use of an electronic control for the operation of a professional lamp 400V. These lamps are superior to conventional 240V lamps used by lovers of hydro ponie and inner culture through their high efficiency BY *. (* Photosynthesis)

    Lumatek Pro 1000 operates at 125KHz (125,000 cycles per second). A ballast vector operates at 50Hz being less lamp to light.

    Specific Lumatek Pro 1000W:

    1. Voltage regulator precision: microprocessor and control program capable of detecting the lamp degradation state to always send the necessary voltage.
    2. Soft Start; when the ballast is on, the controller guides and controls the inrush current to prevent the risk of overload and short circuit which protects the lamp and increases its life. The ballast will allow the lamp to reach its maxim um shine in just 3 minutes.
    3. Sequential switching; The ballast detects other ballast s on the same circuit. Used in an automated system, the ballast s will light independently and not simultaneously to prevent the risk of short circuit.
    4. Soft Sun; when the output power of ballast is changed the controller manages change gradually to reduce stress on the lamp and improve its life.
    5. Circuit Protection and Auto – restart; the ballast will detect current overload, short circuit, cuts, overheating and off to limit the damage on lamp and ballast . In order to prevent a hot restart, the ballast feel when the lamp is ready to be restarted and will turn on automatically.
    6. Lamp life end; The ballast will recognize when the lamp is the end of life and will not try to restart in order to avoid a negative color spectrum.
    7. No noise; The ballast Lumatek is completely silent and produces no vibration thanks to its slim design allows the escape of heat without the provision of an internal fan.
    8. Less heat; The ballast are very efficient and little energy is lost as heat.
    9. Lightweight; The ballast is compact and light, weighing 5 kg, which makes it easy to mount and place.

    Specifications Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V:

    • Ballast electronic Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V 400V for use with grow lights.
    • Size L x W x H (mm): 318 x 166 x 96
    • Weight (kg): 4.9
    • Housing: aluminum end
    • setting range (W): 600W – 750 – 1000W – 1000SL (SL = ~ 10% increase) main current: 240V 50Hz
    • Input Current (A): 4.7
    • Input power (W) 1050
    • Output power (W): 1000
    • Frequency (KHz): 125
    • Power factor: 0.99
    • THD (%): <8
    • Efficiency (%): 96
    • Supply Voltage Range (V): 175-275

    Bulbs, reflectors sold separately.

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