PS1 Propagation Light Kit – Biotropic (2500K)

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PS1 Propagation Light Kit – Biotropic (2500K)


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T5 Super high output lighting for seedlings, cuttings and vegetative growth

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PS1 Propagation Light Kit – Bio Tropic 25000K

High efficiency full spectrum super compact T5 High Output from one pair of Photosynthetically Useful Radiation photoponic light emitters (PURple™). Simple and ultra efficient lamps that are perfect for cuttings and tight grow areas. Electronic ballast built into aluminum strip allows excellent retrofit anywhere for energy efficient lighting.

Plastic sucker pads provided are 55mm in diameter which easily support the lamps upright even when the pad is just resting on the surface (not sucking).

Lights are 100% external to avoid drying out surfaces and facilitate high humidity inside the propagator (vents closed).

PS1 Propagator Light Set – Complete – (Fits any propagator) Photoponic System One Set (PS1) does not include the propagator. Purfect Propagation All day every day growing includes 2 x 24w Purple lamp & ballasts, power and connecting cables.

PS1 set also includes:

  • 2 in-line power connectors
  • 4 mounting clips for under cupboard&/or vertical mounting
  • 4 U Lamp (Terry) clips each with m4 nylon nut & bolt for attaching to or behind transparent and translucent materials
  • 4 plastic sucker pads for easy relocation of lights and no need to drill pilot holes for fixing bolts.

Excludes Propagator

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