This RAM ECO Fan is ideal for a space-conscious grower. Its narrow design makes it ideal to fit into a grow room or grow tent providing excellent air circulation. The Eco Fan, also known as a Box Fan, features a louver setting.  It moves the air in all directions to ensure an even flow across a larger area. Better than concentrating all the power into one direction. The grille will spin on this fan making the air change direction (like an oscillating movement). It is better than a Oscillating fan as it blows in a cylindrical shape. This means at times it blows on the floor and ceiling not just left and right.

The RAM Eco Fan is ideal for creating a more natural air movement in your growing environment.

Also, it features a 12″ blade and 3 speed settings.

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Oscillating fans are also easy to set up and move around, which means you can easily experiment with placement to make sure you find the optimum location for your fans. You want your oscillating fans to reach all areas of the growing room, which might mean investing in a few fans, but you also want to prevent your fans from pointing directly at your plants. This can result in ‘wind burn’ and can damage your plants (think gentle breeze vs tropical storm).