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Large Round Pots

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This good quality pot is great for pot culture and drip systems.

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Round Grow Pot

These good quality pots are great for pot culture and drip systems.

Black handles (Sold Separately) available for the 35 and 65 litre pots. 

Please note:

handles not included.

20 Litre pot

Diameter: 360mm Height: 295mm

Fits tray - 30cm round black

25 Litre pot

Diameter: 380mm Height: 305mm

Fits tray - 35cm round black

35 Litre pot

Diameter: 460mm Height: 320mm

Fits tray - 40cm round black

65 Litre pot

Diameter: 540mm Height: 350mm

Fits tray - 58cm Round

Although not necessary, a saucer/tray is a good addition to a grow room. Saucers are important if you plan on keeping a sterile area. 

They will catch any run off from feeding.  Most nutrient companies will direct you to water the plant until you achieve some run off. 

Without trays, this water will end up on your grow room floor. If not cleaned correctly, you risk getting mold or attracting pests. 

Both pests and mold love a damp environment.  If there are damp patches in your grow room, it can raise the humidity too.

Need soil?

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