Monkey Fan 16w SecretJardin

Monkey Fan 16w SecretJardin


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With its unique coupling, the monkey fan is attached to the metal structure/frame in your grow tent

31 in stock


Monkey Fan 16w SecretJardin

This Monkey Fan 16w SecretJardin , clip-on fan is compatible with all grow tents, making it the perfect solution for circulating the air in your tent without taking up space. The fan comes with three fasteners to fit tubes from 16 to 30 mm in diameter. The product’s lifespan is optimised with the use of a new cold-resistant grease.

Voltage : 198-264 V / 50Hz

Speed :  1500 & 2250 rpm | Wind speed at 70 cm: 1.8 m / s

Power :  16 W

Ideal for stirring air from your culture chamber

  • Compatible with Secret Jardin tents: Tube Ø16 to Ø21 mm
  • Does not fall
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Metal Grid
  • Engine 100% Copper
  • Other Secret Jardin products here

Oscillating fans are also easy to set up and move around, which means you can easily experiment with placement to make sure you find the optimum location for your fans. You want your oscillating fans to reach all areas of the growing room, which might mean investing in a few fans, but you also want to prevent your fans from pointing directly at your plants. This can result in ‘wind burn’ and can damage your plants (think gentle breeze vs tropical storm).

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