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TA Diamond Black

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High quality ultra-pure Humics from a totally renewable source. Humic is an excellent source of Humates derived from a new, natural, sustainable source: sawdust!

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Fully organic, wide spectrum Humic acid from recycled wood.

High quality ultra pure Humics from a renewable source. A perfect source of Humates taken from a new, natural, sustainable source: sawdust! This gives a clean product, free of residues, and of course uses a sustainable supply.

Contains nothing but pure Humic acid with high level of plant active humates.  Humic improves nutrient intake and starts microbial work.  It also promotes open soil structure, holds feed in the soil and lowers water usage. Humic is good for composting. 

Use Humic with 

All nutrients and substrates, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.

Check additional info for dosage advice

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Additional Info

Dilute to use as a foliage spray or add to water or nutrient solution every time.


4ml per 1 Litre

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