Hydor Aquarium & Tank Heater

Hydor Aquarium & Tank Heater


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Fully submersible, automatic tank heater. Perfect for keeping water warm in your grow system or water tank


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Hydor Aquarium & Tank Heater

The Ultimate submersible heater for your hydroponic, aeroponic systems and nutrient tanks

The Hydor Aquarium heater has all the necessary features for safe and precise temperature maintenance of the water in your tank. The exclusive technology and the high quality of the components guarantee a long lasting product.

      • Submersible,
      • no thermal shock,
      • high impact resistance,
      • graduated scale,
      • vertical and horizontal positioning,
      • precise maintenance of set temperature.

Hydor Aquarium Heaters are highly accurate due to the use of precise micro-switch technology and they have an adjustable temperature dial for easy setting. These heaters can be positioned inside your tank in a horizontal or vertical position and held with the suction cups that are provided.

Don’t let your plants or fish suffer, maintain your water at the required temperature with these ultimate solution heaters.

Available In 2 Sizes :

Hydor Heater 50W

Heater Size: 17.8cm

Suggested Tank Size: 20/50 Litres

Hydor Heater 100W

Heater Size: 22.6cm

Suggested Tank Size: 50/100 Litres