LED Qube Grow Tent

///LED Qube Grow Tent

LED Qube Grow Tent


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The future has landed, Green-Qube’s LED-Qube is the first custom-designed grow tent for LEDs in the world!

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LED Qube Grow Tent

The future is pink… The future is LED-Qube

The future has landed, Green-Qube’s LED-Qube is the first custom-designed grow tent for LEDs in the world!

The Green Qube design team have been working hard to come up with another idea-leading, feature-focused grow tent, and the result is the LED-Qube.  Looked to take the market by storm, the LED-Qube is specifically designed for LEDs, to maximise the benefits of growing with this exciting new cutting-edge technology.

Could the LED-Qube possibly be the future of grow tents?  Leading hydroponic experts state that LEDs are the future for successful, cheaper and more environmentally friendly growing.  So their LED-Qube has been engineered to complement, encourage and strengthen the benefits of LED growing.

    The LED-Qube comes with:LED Qube grow tent inside

>  SpectraX® reflective white Mylar for ultra PAR light reflectivity

> Smaller socks as no need for large heavy fans

> Inbuilt thermal blankets for both roof and floor to aid heat retention

> Specific tent dimensions for precise growing with LEDs

> Measures 1.4m x 1.4m x 2.2m

> Precisely designed for hold one LED light

Über thick pink powder-coated, anti-corrosion poles and corners measuring 25mm x 1mm

 PLUS you also get the whole range of Green-Qube grow tent features as standard:

Over 100kg hanging weight

Waterproof… lightproof… heavy duty military-grade… 10 gauge… double zips

Hard working canvas with non-toxic PVA

Passive vents with 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen

Uplift Bars®: Simple and easy solution for those using a gravity-fed watering system so they work at their very optimum. This first-of-its-kind feature allows inflow pipes to retain a true horizontal position and the neat inlet sock gives you 100% light proofing.

LightSaver®: Creates an external light box around each of the air vents capturing light and deflecting it directly onto the ground.  This significantly decreases the amount of light glare into the room and increases your tent’s invisibility.

∞ Plus door hooks, double oversized light tight socks; removable spill tray; hanging straps

Small ports for LED Qube

 SpectraX® White Mylar

The LED-Qube uses SpectraX® reflective white Mylar for ultra PAR light reflectivity.  Exclusive to the LED-Qube, SpectraX® has been developed specifically for LED lights to reflect more PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) light and create less heat, culminating in more productive LED growing.


Designed Specifically for LED’s

Green Qubes British design team have created the first and only grow tent in the world exclusively for LED lights. You will find smaller socks as LED growing doesn’t need large fans. Plus the tent dimensions (measuring 1.4m x 1.4m x 2.2m) are precisely in-line for growing with one LED light, providing the optimum space for successful and productive growing.

Roof thermal blanket for LED QubeBuilt-In Thermal+® Blankets

The LED-Qube has inbuilt Thermal+® blankets for maximum heat retention. Located both on the roof of the tent and on the floor, these harness the latest thermal technology to aid temperature regulation, reducing energy bills and saving you money.

 Size: 140cm x 140cm x 220cm

This is the only grow tent on the market that measures 1.4m x 1.4m which is the precise size for one LED, providing the optimum space for successful and productive growing.

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