Mylar Silver White Lightite Sheeting

Mylar Silver White Lightite Sheeting


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Offers optimum light return and 100% Light Proof capability


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Mylar Silver White Lightite Sheeting

Silver White Lightite mylar is a yield increasing spectrum enhanced silver reflector, applied to a gloss white/triple layered grow sheet. Lightite silver white grow sheets offers optimum light return and 100% light tight. PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear.

Silver Lightite Sheeting is 5 layered thick to ensure a complete blackout and is completely lightite. Offering 97% reflectance this sheeting will maximise your light and produce bigger yields, whilst reducing your energy costs.

  • Diffuse your gardens light supply
  • Better all round plant growth
  • Yield increasing. Thermal Reflecting
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Helps stop mould and algae growth
  • Stimulates vigorous growth
  • Incredibly strong to prevent tearing
  • Easy to handle and great to work with
  • Washable and safe to use 5% bleach solution
  • UK manufactured food grade material

1.25mtr wide, sold by the metre or 5 metre and 10 metre rolls.

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