Osram PLANTASTAR Dual Spec HPS Bulb

Osram PLANTASTAR Dual Spec HPS Bulb


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Specially designed by Osram to meet the toughest demands of horticultural use

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Osram PLANTASTAR Dual Spec HPS Bulb

This Dual spectrum HPS Bulb from Osram is suitable for horticulture lighting and is perfect for the flowering stage as it has a 20% increased blue spectrum which is needed near the end off the flowering cycle.

Benefits :

  • Specially matched to the absorption spectrum for photosynthesis For faster, healthier plant growth
  • Extremely constant photon flux
  • Very high luminous efficacy of
  • up to 145 lm/W
  • Robust shockproof lamp design with elastic support for the burner
  • High-quality corrosion-resistant base,
  • Ideal for use in moist surroundings

Osram Plantastar Sodium Bulbs will fit any reflector with an E40 lamp holder and requires a matching wattage ballast to run safely and efficiently.

We recommend replacing your HPS bulbs after 2 – 3 grows to ensure sufficient light for better yields.

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