Plagron Cocos Brix

Plagron Cocos Brix


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54 Litres of Coco condensed into 6 Coco bricks. Contains Trichoderma for protection against harmful moulds

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Plagron Cocos Brix ( 6 pcs )

Plagron Cocos Brix,  makes the ideal substrate for growers who prefer a natural and very pure product. Cocos Brix has a stable pH-value, in contrast to other hydrological substrates.

Plagron Cocos Brix also has a high water holding capacity, which means less watering.

The pack contains 6 condensed coco bricks, which when watered becomes 54 Litres, each brick makes 9 litres of Coco substrate.

How To Use Coco Brix :

Immerse 1 piece of cocos brix into a bucket containing 4 – 5 litres of water and regularly squeeze the brick. After 20 – 30 minutes, you will have 9 litres of ready to use coco substrate. Add Coco nutrients each watering and set your ph at 5.5.

Plagron cocos Brix contains Trichoderma for protection against harmful moulds.

Best results are achieved when combined with plagron Cocos A&B nutrients.

Cocos Brix has the RHP quality mark.

Composition: Buffered Coco peat, buffered Coco fibres.

Packaging :

1 piece / bag of 6 pieces


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