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Plagron Grow mix

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No need for growth stage nutrients! Grow Mix contains enough nutrients for the first 3 weeks of growth

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Plagron Grow mix

Plagron Grow mix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat.

It contains various types of fibre and perlite.

Results in a lightness and high oxygen level.

The presence of Plagron worm compost ensures strong plant growth and increased water retention.

No need for growth stage nutrients! Grow Mix contains enough nutrition for the first 3 weeks of growth.

Potting mix for rooted cuttings before transplantation into fertile soil. 

Used for the full cycle with additional flowering stage nutrients.

Ideal for growers looking for control of the flowering stage.

Grow mix has carefully selected fertilizers for the first three weeks after planting.

Grow mix is the perfect base for good growth and blooming and gives the quality Plagron has been supplying for years.

Best quality peat for a light soil structure.

Pre fertilised for 3 weeks with refined mix of nutrients.

Grower decides on feed during the flower phase.

pH: 5.5-6.9

EC: 1.4 - 1.6 mS/cm

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For a personal touch, try Plagrons nutrient calculator.

Additional Info

My plants have a short growth phase, when growing with grow mix, should I give them basic nutrients during this phase?

Grow mix contains nutrients for the first three weeks of your growth. If your plants start flowering within this period you don't need Terra Grow. However, your plant needs Terra Bloom after the first three weeks.

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