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Xtreme Gardening Mykos Mycorrhizae

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An organic species of beneficial soil fungi, MYKOS® mycorrhizae creates a "sponge-like" mass that stores and collects nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both.

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Mykos Mycorrhizae

Mykos is a NATURAL AND ORGANIC species of beneficial soil fungi that creates a "sponge-like" mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, Increasing the uptake of both. THis single species mycorrhizae contains only Rhizophagus intraradices. Mykos does not contain any other microbes such as trichoderma or ectomycorrhizae (which has no known direct effect on any vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs).

Great for pots, raised beds, and row crops

  • More efficient use of water & nutrients.
  • Helps plants resist drought.
  • Reduces transplant shock.
  • More vigorous plant growth.
  • Can increase yield.
  • Will not burn when used as directed.


Add to hole, directly around plant roots. Mykos must come in contact with the roots. Set plant and backfill. Remember to water.

Pots : 

3.7L - 11.3L : Use 1 - 2 tbsp

19L - 26.5L : Use 4 - 6 tbsp

38L - 75L : Use 1/2 a cup

Rockwool Cubes :

  • Using a small stake or fork, poke several 1/4" to 1/2" holes in the bottom of the plant hole.
  • Add 1 - 2 tsp to hole, directly under plant roots.
  • Set plant and remember to water.

In ground and raised beds : 

1 - 2 tbsp per plant around each plant hole or directly in roots.

Sowing seed : 

  • 1 tbsp per foot
  • 1/2 tsp per cell/plug

Fully Certified Organic

Certificate in Additional Information.

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Organic Certification

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